Studio Dekka is an interdisciplinary design practice specialising in urban and architectural lighting. 

Founded by Chantelle Stewart and John Harrison in 2009 our aim is to develop sensitive and intelligent night-time environments that unlock new possibilities for the varied and meaningful life of our cities after dark. Our team is drawn from the disciplines of architecture, the social sciences, fine art and design.

These varied perspectives mean we approach each project critically and with a commitment to understanding the range of factors that contribute to the shifting character of a place at night.

We collaborate with our clients and design teams at every step from project inception to practical completion, working on a range of scales from masterplanning to product design and from city districts to individual rooms.

We follow an iterative design process, that allows us to sift through what a place could be to realise what a place should be, and is a powerful tool for meaningful engagement with clients and stakeholders throughout the design process. This is often realised through ‘joyful testing’, where transient project are used to explore new ideas around places at night.


Chantelle Stewart

John Harrison

Ruth Dyer


Past Members

Harriet Lawson

Holly Briggs

Suzanne Frosdick

Mark Firth

Jack Booth

Andrew Herbert