The Everyday Experience

Chantelle and John recently visited the Irish Architecture Foundation’s excellent exhibition, The Everyday Experience, at IMMA in Kilmainham. The exhibition aims to “reveal how much of our experience of designed or informal space is unconscious, immersed in the everyday…a critical look and discussion on the use, perception and production of the built environment”.

Playstation is a collaboration between artist Gregory Dunn and architects Urban Agency: the appropriation of lamp posts as informal play structures on the fringes of the city is the subject of a two-year photo-study; culminating in a proposed structure (a playable 1:1 model is part of the exhibition) that could be rolled out across the overlooked interstitial green spaces of Dublin’s housing estates.

Both Playstation and Hello Lamp Post re-frame columns as an important element of the street scene that might provide more than (just) street illumination. Multiple untapped potentialities are embedded in every urban element – not least those with the physical and symbolic qualities of ‘street lights’ – and our work as designers should endeavour to contribute meaningfully to the everyday life on our streets.