West Norwood

Public realm and architectural feature lighting design, 2013-2014.

West Norwood developed around the 18th century church of St Luke and its churchyard. Victorian additions, such as the West Norwood Cemetery (one of the “big seven” London cemeteries) and the adjacent library building created a cluster of high-quality and distinctive buildings at the heart of the town centre.

Alongside significant public realm and road layout enhancements, our sensitive illumination of this collection of structures enhances their visibility from the high street, forming a new edge around the historic churchyard and improves the visual amenity and wayfinding within the streetscene after dark. The proposals required coordination with a number of design teams,  negotiation with local interest groups and listed building and monument consent.

High-quality LED luminaires – used exclusively throughout – constitute robust, low energy and low maintenance additions to the buildings. A key move was the reduction of visible lighting equipment – in terms of scale, location and alignment – so that the clarity of the buildings’ relationship with the high street and with each other are maintained.

For London Borough of Lambeth with Landolt+Brown.

Photography: Andy Barker and Studio Dekka.