Valley Gardens

Public realm lighting design, ongoing.

Valley Gardens is a continuous sequence of parks and gardens running through the centre of Brighton to the seafront. The sequence consists of five distinct spaces planned as 19th century pleasure gardens. Yet despite being located within a conservation area, the current road layout and landscape design means that the Valley Gardens fulfills neither its potential as a city centre amenity nor its role as a public space with a potential to bridge the highly active cultural, retail and leisure streets to the west and the predominantly residential districts to the east.

In 2013, Brighton and Hove City Council commissioned Studio Dekka as part of the design team led by Untitled Practice and Urban Movement to develop transport, public realm and landscape designs for St Peter’s and Victoria Gardens. The lighting design brief focuses on qualities such as ambience, connection, character, ecology, movement, safety and use.

The key objectives of our work is to identify opportunities to link Valley Gardens with the surrounding city along its full length, improve visual and physical connections with key buildings such as the Pavilion and St Peter’s church, investigate ways to give the Gardens a distinctive natural and peaceful character and help design out aspects that encourage conflict between different transport modes and other users.

With Untitled Practice for Brighton and Hove City Council.