The Cineroleum

Temporary lighting design and installation, 2010.

During the summer of 2010, a derelict petrol station on Clerkenwell Road was temporarily transformed into a cinema by a groupĀ of 14 architects and designers. Inspired by the picture palaces and drive-ins of the 1950s, the Cineroleum brought familiar films out onto the street. At the end of each screening, the silver curtain was raised, exposing cinema-goers to the city around them.

Studio Dekka were invited to provide the lighting design for the project. Cool white lighting to the exterior and auditorium reflected the monotone greys of the structure, contrasting with warm lighting to the reclaimed gold curtain in the lobby and low-level lighting to the underside of the raked seating.

For Assemble.

Photography: Morley von Sternberg and Zander Olsen.