Ruskin Square

Public realm lighting design, 2012-2025.

Ruskin Square is a commercial and residential development in the centre of Croydon, comprising five Grade A office buildings that will provide up to 1,250,000 sq ft (net) of new accommodation, 625 residential units and 100,000 sq ft of retailing, cafes and restaurants.

The public realm design aims to knit together lately disparate elements of the streetscape, creating new pedestrian links across the development. After dark, key challenges are to enhance the feeling of the development as part of the town centre while maintaining the quality and distinctiveness of the new district itself.

Our lighting masterplan proposes a sequence of distinct treatments for the key public spaces after dark, held together under a coherent colour temperature and equipment strategy.

Lansdowne Place and Lansdowne Walk are the first completed sections of public realm, providing a new pedestrian link between East Croydon Station overbridge and the town centre. The lighting scheme is based on three key moves. Firstly, column-mounted spotlights within mature trees create visual texture on the horizontal plane and emphasise the vertical elements of the landscape. Secondly, the paint finish of the lighting equipment is closely matched  to the tree bark, reducing the visual impact of the columns and enhancing the sense of a softer, more natural place. Thirdly, sensitive illumination of the climbing foliage on temporary hoardings significantly helps establish a human scale.

Design and construction of a residential courtyard garden, landmark public square and the key north-south route through the development is currently underway.

For Stanhope with Muf Architecture/Art.