Payers Park

Public realm lighting design, 2012-2014

The redevelopment of Payers Park – until recently a disused piece of wasteland hidden behind the high street in Folkestone’s Old Town – has created a new destination and a valuable community amenity with integrated spaces for play, learning and exercise at the heart of the town emerging “Creative Quarter”.

Special green columns with open lanterns mark landings and lookouts along the steep route, helping to invite visitors to explore the park by day and night. Column-mounted spotlights are located amongst the mature trees and provide subtle vertical accents within the landscape. Standard street lighting columns have been cleared to the built edge of the park, enhancing the natural, pedestrian orientation of the space.

LED luminaires are used exclusively across the scheme, which was adopted by the two local authorities on completion.

For Creative Foundation with Muf Architecture/Art.

Project Budget: £1.5million.

Photography: Martina Ferrera and Studio Dekka.

Project Awards: British Association of Landscape Industries 2015.