North Finchley

Public realm lighting design, 2012-2015

Tally Ho Corner sits at the heart of North Finchley and forms the confluence of a number of major roads leading to adjacent town centres. One of these, Nether Street, follows an arcing route from Finchley Central and West Finchley Underground Stations and terminates in front of the ArtsDepot, a popular and vibrant arts centre that occupies the site of the now-demolished art deco Gaumont Cinema. The Grand Arcade runs parallel through the core of Tally Ho corner.

Studio Dekka were commissioned to design a series of lighting installations across the town centre: the renovation of lanterns through the Grand Arcade improved colour rendering and uplighting shifted the focus up into the double height space; illuminated signage to key buildings creates a legible sequence of landsmarks after dark; tree lighting instigates habitable, lit volumes beneath canopies at gathering points; and bespoke fibre-optic lighting is used to illuminate a scale model of the demolished Gaumont Cinema.

These installations were preceded by a series of short- and medium-term tests that guided the final design for each area.

For London Borough of Barnet with Muf Architecture/Art.