Temporary lighting concept, design and installation, 2009.

Torun’s inaugural light festival was held as part of their bid to be named European Capital of Culture in 2016. In the birthplace of Nicolas Copernicus, the festival focused on how light mediates our relationship with the sky and brought together fourteen artists and designers from across Europe.

Studio Dekka’s large-scale installation stretched across the 800m length of the medieval city wall. Adopting the colours of the evening sky, the project identified the wall as a membrane between medieval city and it’s contemporary hinterland.

Medium scale interventions were installed during the week at the city gates. On the smallest scale, visitors posed for photos within the field of coloured light.

For Skyway ’09 with Mario Caiero.

Photography: Mateusz Kamiński, Daniel Pach and Łukasz Kołtacki.