Exhibition Square

Temporary lighting design and installation, 2009.

York’s Exhibition Square is bordered by the city Art Gallery, the Theatre Royal, the King’s Manor and a section of the historic city wall, but it is the flood of taxis and tourist buses that define it currently.

DSDHA’s temporary installation was part of a wider program that engaged the public with alternative uses for spaces within York’s rich urban realm. Created using one thousand cardboard boxes, YourSpace became a startling presence within the grey, wintery situation. A small ante-room, open to the sky, offered an unexpected spatial experience, muffling the thunder of passing traffic within a compressed three metre square space. The boxes, gradually collapsing and billowing under heavy rain, created a rich formal and material experience of intimacy and warmth.

Studio Dekka worked with the architects, lighting technicians and volunteers to install the temporary lighting scheme.

For Beam with DSDHA.

Photography: Jennifer Magnus and Dimitris Tsalkanis.