Central Somers Town

Public realm lighting design, Ongoing

The Central Somers Town Community Investment Programme incorporates the construction of a new primary school, community hub and mixed-tenure housing around a new park in the heart of an historic residential area. The existing character and pattern of night-time activity is significantly influenced by the range of adjacent housing typologies and the area’s proximity to St Pancras and King’s Cross railway stations. Together with a varied and historic material palette and landscape palette, Somers Town offers a rich, varied built environment with a strong neighbourhood character.

Studio Dekka were commissioned by London Borough of Camden as part of DSDHA’s public realm design team to develop a public realm masterplan for the Central Somers Town project area. A key component of the lighting brief is to help instigate a playable landscape that privileges a safe pedestrian experience for young families. Our response begins with a consideration for the seasonal changes of the existing landscape and an exploration of how the lighting scheme might draw out its qualities at any given time of day or year.

The ongoing design process involves coordination between public realm and building design teams to develop a set of throughgoing lighting principles that will establish a coherent night-time scenography across the project area.

For London Borough of Camden, with DSDHA.